Applelec - the leading authority in sign, light and display

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Applelec - the leading authority in sign, light and display

As an interior designer or a sign maker, when looking for components for custom signs, specialist lighting or professional display... they know they're in safe hands with Applelec.

Customers of Applelec know this because of the high level of service and quality products they receive. However, new prospect clients looking for a supplier may not have this insight, so it's crucial that Applelec makes the right first impression. And what's the first thing that most prospects will see when browsing for suppliers? The website and the brand.

Which is why our creatives and Applelec's marketing team spent so much time and effort working on the vision and positioning of the Applelec brand - focusing on what we want the brand should say to customers, competitors and others in the field. That over riding message we aimed to portray through design was... that Applelec are the "leading authority" in the signs, lighting and display industry.

And we seem to have managed it. When the new contemporary brand and website went live, it appears that Applelec's customers fell in love. Here's what some of them said;

"Love love love your new logo. Very neat, clean and professional looking. Great job."
- Ron Eppert, US Sign

"Regarding your new website, it really looks fresh (bright and beautiful pictures, vivid colours...) I really love it."
- Bert Fransens, Cosign

"Love the new logo - modern and striking, and ditto to the website - very clean and uncluttered, and really easy to navigate - great job!"
- Val Hirst - Sign Directions Magazine