Carlisle Business Centre - Whatever you're doing, do it here

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Carlisle Business Centre - Whatever you're doing, do it here

We've recently been working on a brand refresh for a Bradford based social enterprise, Carlisle Business Centre. CBC has been going for 21 years and are housed in a beautiful listed building in Manningham. Throughout the course of the project, we investigated the ways we could bring continuity across all of CBC's marketing materials. This included the design of a new logo, printed stationery, internal and external building signage, as well as a brand new website.

We worked closely with the CBC team to ascertain what it is that makes Carlisle Business Centre tick. Together, we agreed and established a new vision for CBC. As they offer such a broad array of services, from rentable office space to community events and charity work, we wanted to make sure we created an identity and strapline that encapsulated the diversity of offerings and open armed attitude that CBC strive to maintain.

The final logo separates and represents the foundational pieces of CBC through the use of block colour. Each colour represents an element of CBCs makeup, with their Business services represented with blue, Social activities being red and their Charity work represented by green. To create a sense of cohesion we housed the colours in the curvature of the letter 'C'. This umbrellas these distinct services under one memorable brand name, Carlisle Business Centre.

As for the strapline, it was crucial that we portrayed the welcoming ethic CBC has towards its work. We needed to ensure that the lexical choice was motivational, inspiring a call to action in just a few short words. The final strapline was, 'Whatever you're doing, do it here.' We believed that this displayed a nondiscriminatory invitation to businesses and members of the community to make CBC their first port of call for office space, events hosting, etc, whilst delivering a confident message that Carlisle Business Centre is ready for anything.