Woodcraft appoint Dulay Seymour to rekindle their brands presence

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Woodcraft appoint Dulay Seymour to rekindle their brands presence

Studio 1 has been hard at work to reintroduce an old specialist back into the industry. Woodcraft are fire surround manufacturers with over 40 years of experience behind them and Dulay Seymour have been commissioned to overhaul the Woodcraft brand in order to secure their well deserved, respected position in the industry.

We started with the company branding, carving a striking logo that reflects the ethics of quality manufacturing that Woodcraft strive to maintain. Fusing colour simplicity with majestic prowess, we designed an authoritative coat of arms that demands attention whilst proudly displaying Woodcrafts long standing British heritage. The coat of arms' majestic presence represents the royal standard of Woodcrafts products, ensuring the consumer knows they are receiving a premium service at an affordable price. The conscious choice of the phoenix was one of a symbolic nature, portraying a return to form after a stint of abstinence from the industry.

The next step was to incorporate the corporate image throughout all of Woodcrafts marketing materials, from the product brochure to the newly designed website to maintain an identity that's consistent and instantly recognisable.

The project is still ongoing, so stay tuned for the final results.